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cant wait to find a boy who will be my girlfriend. cant wait to get head all the time n have some1 b mad at me every 2 days but committed to improving my personality and ability to think beyond myself

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I’m bouta speedball my life away kush

I’m bouta speedball my life away kush

FADER Mix: Hot Sugar's Seductive Nightmares Part II

"As if everything you’d ever been told about the relationship between character and intention and outcome had been a rank fiction from start to"

- Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

zam cousin
lookin kinda hurt

meta psychosis


All my “hiphop head” friends give me shit for wearing bape and supreme (been wearing it since 8th grade) but they still have on the same dilla changed my life shirt and dusty new era hat with half the sticker on it

profound profane and then some